Friday, February 27, 2009

Civilisation at last!

Having heard the sweet sound of the half-time whistle, I have returned home for a brief respite before I head back overseas. I have been keeping a fairly low profile, just enjoying the break. I have taken advantage of the myriad of luxuries that have been unavailable for the past few months, mostly beer and a great variety of products that were formerly a pig. Ham, bacon, pork, prosciutto and any other porcine products are being consumed with great gusto in preparation for the second half.

I am also enjoying becoming reacquainted with Sharpe Jr, Mrs Sharpe, and the dishlickers. It is really quite surreal to be back in Australia in my home with the family. I still have a momentary double-take when I wake up. I guess I’ll just be used to being here when I have to turn around and go back. The dishlickers went into a happiness frenzy when I walked in the door, lots of running about in circles whining with tails going so fast they were in danger of achieving flight. Sharpe Jr took a little longer to warm up, although that was only to be expected. Mrs Sharpe is very happy, although at the same time knows that it will be short lived and I will have to go away again soon.

One of the great, although slightly disturbing pleasures, is to walk into a supermarket. The range of products just fills me with joy. I keep walking up the aisle finding things and thinking “Gee, if only I could get that overseas!” I am also enjoying driving on the correct side of the road from the right side of the car. It is also novel not having to pick the route of least discomfort through the sand and potholes whilst dodging donkeys, goats, and the locals (the latter often riding the former).

To those who have been sending messages of support, and especially to those who have sent care packages, I thank you. BOAB will be pleased to know that his parcel was a hit. The iced tea he sent was a particular favourite, and was shared out appropriately.

Things will be tense when I get back. There are political/strategic moves afoot that will have a big impact locally. It should keep me busy enough. The second half, by design, will be shorter that the first, so I am now over the “hump”. I also have a little more leave to take, which I will take locally, by which I mean that I will take advantage of being in that part of the world to visit some people and places that would otherwise be unaffordable and imminently impractical.
I still try and follow what goes on in the rest of the world, so keep up the good fight, and keep your powder dry.